Product Review: Project Management & CRM Tool Gmail Extension – Streak

Screenshot of Streak CRM in Gmail inbox

Project Management app inside your Google mailbox

The team at Marsh8 have tested more project management (PM) softwares than black t-shirts at a heavy metal concert. It was never an altruistic experiment to try so many web, Chrome, and Google App marketplace PM & CRM choices: Marsh8 needed a solid replacement for the #ManyMoon PM application bought out by and promptly decommissioned by the new owners for another competitor and inferior product. An inglorious death to a magnificent Google Apps tool for managing team projects and clients collaboratively.

Our project management app replacement expectations: high

Enter Streak. Streak was not the first test choice by Cloud Kitchen nor the last. Yet it has proven to be superior to many other more intricate and complex premium PM web/app suites on too many levels to list in a G+ post. What makes Streak different from other PM softwares is not its direct integration with Google Apps for Business accounts, but that it is an extension of Gmail itself (see previous GATDJ G+ post re: Google App extensions).

An extension versus a regular Chrome or GA Marketplace app is like comparing a caffeinated energy drink to a glass of water. One empowers and energizes, the latter merely sustains a body’s system. Because Streak is a Gmail extension, it’s as if your Mailbox now has PM superpowers and new mail sidebar and toolbar capabilities providing all kinds of valuable project management functions and #CRM details.

The primary beauty of how Streak works is project “tagging” emails, much in the same manner one can label an email, as if placing it into a Mail folder; except Gmail users now have special function Streak project folders called Pipelines managed by Streak inside your mailbox. Tag an email thread with Streak and its shared for viewing with your Streak team in that Pipeline. And when an email conversation that’s been tagged into a Streak project ledger “Box” is replied to, those email replies are automatically being updated into your projects for your team to see. No more manually adding email replies and attachments into your project storage!

Project notes, automatic calendar reminder notifications for your team, milestones, comments, list of contacts, attachments, project updates news feed, reports (Pro version), delegated view rights of private emails to your team, sharing Pipelines with Google users outside your team, it’s all there.

And Unlike other PM clients that need patching or limit their free versions to a relatively useless one or two person license demo, Streak is self-updating and self-maintained, and the basic 5 user team license free version of Streak everything your team needs to get started right away with project management. Hardcore users with more than five people on their project teams will definitely want the paid Pro version of Streak, if not for the enhanced collaborative functions then for the various report tools on offer that management drool over.

It is not often that +MARSH8 and #GATDJ are as pleased with a Google App/Gmail recommendation as we are with #Streak, to the point it is an integral part of our internal business. If you are a Gmail web interface user with your #Chrome browser, you and your team are ideal candidates to try the Streak #projectmanagement & CRM extension for Gmail. We think you will be more than pleasantly surprised and big proponents of Streak like Marsh8


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