Cloud Kitchen’s leading prediction & trend for Google users in 2015: Android Wear

Smartwatches have been around in concept since the days of Dick Tracy comics and futurists like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne since before start of the 20th century. But the application of this technology from theory to mass production has never been evident until 2014.

2014 forays into smartwatches using the Android or iOS system were heavily gossiped by the powers that be, and the first entries into the market were exactly what was expected: a smartphone screen shrunk down to fit the dimensions of your wrist.

Now we are seeing the form evolving and adapting to something beyond basic function and expected demands. LG’s entry with the LG G Watch R-version is the perfect example of form surpassing function.

Art within technology is what will help push smartwatches beyond the first wave of smartwatch adopters, the technophiles who rush out to purchase the latest iPhone or trending “smart” technology, reaching instead the analogue masses who will forever prefer a wrist watch as opposed to a mini-smartphone clamped to their wrist.

LG’s got the right idea with their G Watch R series. It’s taken form and functionality and made it into style and emotion, which is exactly what will tick the boxes for many who would otherwise happily ignore the technology of the day.

Don’t be surprised if The Cloud Kitchen posts a review later this year clamoring how great (or disappointing) it’s new LG G R-series smart watch is. One thing to be certain, whatever smartwatch dons our wrist will not be a mini-smartphone emulator, but something that instead belies expression and beauty.

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